unnecessary explanations


Yeah, I know. I’m a mom, it’s a blog. But is it really another mommyblog? Well, I do resemble a lot of other mommybloggers in various and sundry ways like… I’m stranded in the midwest (the Other Dakota to be precise) with two kidlettes and a husband. The Husband, although a gem, is in the Army, so I am frequently a temporarily-single parent for weeks or months (sometimes a really really lot of months, 12-18) at a time. (I have issues with his employer, but they do offer a kickass health plan.)

The children, although commercial-worthy cute and scary smart, were freshly out of toddlerhood when this all started, and the first set of posts REALLY reflects that. This is not now, nor has it ever been a look-how-cute-my-kid-is, tips-for-happy-parenthood-and-marriage, I-can-do-it-so-can-you touchy feely kind of thing. In fact, you may come away from this feeling less than, erm, stellar; I’m cranky a lot, and have no qualms whatsoever about sharing. I have a tendency to climb up on soapboxes and pound my fists until I’m sure that proverbial horse has been beaten to a pulp. I am also likely to then drag the poor proverbial thing back out and kick it a few more times just for good measure. That’s just how I roll.


Will I talk about my kids? Undoubtedly. Will I discuss the Husband and marriage? Uh, yeah. So is this another mommyblog? Don’t ask me, I just work here.

And Another Thing

“She calls them Thing 1 and Thing 2! Oh my God! What sort of Joan Crawford mommyclone DOES that?”

Have you read The Cat In the Hat recently? Remember when the box with the Things? Remember what they did to the house? Meet my children. Or at least my son. I am of the opinion that the girl is just along for the ride. SHE still listens to reason. SHE can still be brought back from crazy-bonkers-red-dye-#5-kiddie-cocaine-who-fed-you-what behaviors into Sanity Town. In other words, Thing 1 can still be put back into the box.

I love my babies. I adore my little people. They are two of the most entertaining, loving, FUNNY!!! people I have ever met. And they both go by many, many names, including some not suitable for their adorable little ears (and those are not said when little ears are about. I’m not THAT bad of a mother). Names you will get to know them by (besides Thing 1 and Thing 2) may include such perennial favorites as The Boy, The Girl, and Kid 1, and Kid 2. The Big One and The Little One may also appear from time to time. But no real names, and no real photos, not here. Let the babies lose their blogginity in the proper way — amidst a cloud of shame and confusion and tequila at 3am like their mother did.


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