will your head really explode?

and if so, who’ll clean it up ?

They really screwed themselves when they cleaned their room sans supervision that one time. Because now we all know they can do it, they just won’t. And like their mother, they are insanely stubborn and always right even when they are full of shit, and like their father, they will try and charm whoever into whatever whenever the situation calls for it. Or whenever they feel like it.

It’s been another epic battle of Kids v. Mom in cleaning up the bedroom. Granted, the rest of the house is far from spotless (and yet I sit here blogging — what a great mommy! and fine example! some brie with that merlot?) but at least I am making the effort to get it done before we head for the hills on Thursday. Or Friday. Maybe Saturday. As long as we’re there by Monday morning, all will be well and right with the world.