naked by lunch

…unless, of course, he has preschool.

After breakfast the other day, my budding nudist announced that his clothes were too dirty to wear and therefore he would have to be naked for the remainder of the day. Now, had this been a school day, there would have been at least some urge for me to put up a compelling argument for getting back into some form of acceptable clothing so that there might be something to show for the ridiculous tuition The Husband shells out each month. But it was a Monday. And Mondays are not school days. Add this to the monstrosity that is the dirty laundry pile and the notion of adding yet another set of socks, underpants, jeans, and shirt times 2 for just the boy for just the one day… yeah, I think you can see where this is going. Naked kidlette wearing nothing but giraffe slippers, running around, all day long, chasing his sister, bits and pieces flopping about. And here, I will share a picture from my real life, simply because the giraffe slippers must be visualized in all their spotted glory.


We’ve been calling him Naked Man. He seems to like it. Although he has been asking for a cape…



    1. they’re almost too small. now he wants frogs. where the hell am i going to find frog slippers in a size 9 toddler? AND he wants them to ribbit. of course.

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